Welcome to Day 3 of the Yoga Flexibility Mini-Course!

So far we've covered the Cobra Stretch and the Reclining Big Toe Stretch. Today we will be introducing the Camel Stretch. The stretch is perfect for counterbalancing the problems of a slumped posture caused by sitting for too long.


Primary muscles worked with this stretch

- Hip Flexors

- Lower Back 

- Chest

- Shoulders

If your a fan of backbends, you'll enjoy this one, courtesy of Chelsey at Howcast. Lets get started.

BONUS - Get An Even Deeper Stretch Using A Yoga Wheel

Today we have something special for you.​ The camel pose by itself is an amazing body opening stretch, but when combined with a yoga wheel lets you to go even deeper, allowing you to safely touch your head to the floor (going from camel to full pigeon). 

PS -  If you don't have one already, a yoga wheel is something you should definitely consider adding to your yoga arsenal! 

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Great job so far. Practice makes perfect, so keep going with the stretches and we will be back tomorrow for Day 4's stretch!