Welcome to Day 1 of the Yoga Flexibility Mini-Course!

We’ll start our course by focusing on a simple but versatile stretch today – the Cobra Stretch. If you spend a lot of your time sitting at a desk, you probably feel some tension and tightness in your mid and upper back. This stretch helps to open those areas up

Primary muscles worked with this stretch

- Chest

- Shoulders

- Lower Back

- Abdominals

Lets get started.

Things to remember -

-  Make sure your toes are pointed straight out. They should stay this way for the whole exercise, which will help strengthen your spine.

- Make sure your shoulder blades are pulled back, which will make your chest stick out.

- Come back down to the ground slowly, as you don’t want to strain yourself by flopping back to the floor. A controlled motion is key.

Practice this stretch for a few minutes today and we'l see you tomorrow for Day 2's stretch!