Welcome to the last day of the Yoga Flexibility Mini-Course!

So far we've worked on the shoulder, chest, back and hamstrings. Today we will put that all together with this great all body core stretch. The Dolphin Plank is a great stretch/exercise for core strength and is great for strengthening your shoulder muscles for downward dog poses.   


Primary muscles worked with this stretch

- Shoulders

- Abdominals

- Hamstrings

- Quadraceps

Enjoy this all body stretch, courtesy of Chelsey at Howcast. 

BONUS - Go Deeper With A Modified Plank Using A Yoga Wheel

If you want to add an additional challenge to your plank stretches, you can add a modified plank using a yoga wheel to your routine.

Using the yoga wheel as a prop helps you keep your hips high and gives you feedback on whether your hips are square or not.  It is a great way to improve balance while strengthening your core at the same time.

PS -  If you don't have one already, a yoga wheel is something you should definitely consider adding to your yoga arsenal! 

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Congratulations on a great week of stretching!  Remember, the best way to improve flexibility, stretching and mobility is small but consistent steps everyday.  We are always working on ways to help improve your yoga practice, so stay tuned for more targeted flexibility routines soon!