Welcome to Day 2 of the Yoga Flexibility Mini-Course!

Yesterday we got things started with the Cobra Stretch. Today we will build on that stretch and make our way down to the hamstrings and glutes. The Reclining Big Toe Stretch is great at at targeting these oft neglected muscles that are crucial for good yoga flexibility and mobility.

Primary muscles worked with this stretch

- Hip Flexors

- Hamstrings

- Glutes

Lets get started.

Things to remember -

-  This pose requires a yoga strap, but a towel or belt will also work. Do not use a stretchy or flexible exercise band — the strap you use needs to be held taut.

If your hamstrings are very tight, your raised leg might be more horizontal than vertical when it’s extended.  To make the pose more accessible, you can bend the knee of the resting leg, placing that foot flat on the mat. 

If you have tight hamstrings, it may seem like they’ll never get flexible. Be patient, and you will gain flexibility in time. 

Practice yesterday's Cobra Stretch and today's stretch back to back for a few minutes today and we'l see you tomorrow for Day 3's stretch!