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Collagen Film Mask

Collagen Film Mask

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• The Highprime Collagen Soluble Film uses electrospinning method that allows the solid collagen essence paste to dissolve and quickly penetrate into the skin, leaving you with a bouncy, radiant, and wrinkle-free complexion.

• The Highprime Collagen Soluble Film uses small molecular, quick-absorbing marine collagen from the deep sea waters of the South Pacific, Coast of New Zealand to immediately give your skin a plump, pillowy feel.

• Also infused with hyaluronic acid, this soluble collagen film retains moisture and brightens the complexion, giving it a luminous glow. This powerful hydrator also calms irritation and protects your moisture barrier, keeping your skin at its healthiest state.

• The type of collagen present in this transdermal soluble film is similar to the collagen that is naturally existing in the human skin, and delivers a hefty dose of anti-aging benefits.

• So adding the Highprime Collagen Film into your skincare routine provides a firming, lifting, and smoothing effect to your complexion, addressing signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and saggy skin.



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