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30Pcs Anti-Snoring Stickers

30Pcs Anti-Snoring Stickers

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Improve sleep habits in adults and children, improve nighttime sleep, and use a mouth strap to avoid waking up with a dry mouth, sore throat, or stuffy nose.
Safe physical therapy to eliminate snoring. These strips will facilitate nose breathing during sleep, thereby increasing the efficiency of blood oxygenation.
Dry Mouth and Snoring Solution - Helps develop a healthy habit of breathing through your nose, relieve dry mouth and throat, reduce snoring and sleep talking by gently closing your mouth.
Unique design, the mouth sticker covers the periphery of the lips, and the central ventilation design of the sleeping belt reduces claustrophobia during use. Sleep bars help prevent you from mouth breathing all night, which can eventually lead to a sore and dry throat.
It reduces throat dryness and helps train nasal breathing for softer breathing habits.




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