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Adjustable Snap-On Dentures

Adjustable Snap-On Dentures

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Transform Your Smile: A Comprehensive Solution for Dental Issues - From Missing Teeth to Crooked Smiles!

Ours is the latest sixth generation of adjustable snap-on dentures, which is completely different from the previous denture.We have developed and designed corresponding dentures according to different age group and different gender, which can fit perfectly without feeling any discomfort.

NATURAL LOOKING – Designed to look just like a natural set of teeth including the color so that you won’t feel embarrassed while wearing it!

Features :-

Adjustable Comfort: Customized fit with a snap-on design for tooth size adjustments.

Durable Performance: Resilient resin material ensures long-term wear and stability, resisting dirt and discoloration.

Smile Perfection: Effortlessly conceals flaws and enhances the appearance between teeth, boosting confidence.

Confidence Boost: Secure and comfortable fit promotes confidence in various situations, increasing charisma.

Portable Hygiene: Includes a storage box for on-the-go cleanliness, easily cleanable with water and soap.

How To Use :-
1. Heat & Mold :-
- Submerge teeth in hot (almost boiling) water for 1 minute.
- Softens for easy removal and fitting.

2. Mirror Placement :-
- Firmly attach over existing teeth using a mirror.
- Press against teeth and pat impression material with thumbs.

3. Quick Set :-
- Gently remove after 30 seconds.
- Place in a glass of cold water to cool.

4. Visual Confirmation :-
- Impression material turns white when hardened.

5. Ready-to-Use :-
- Molded to your teeth's shape.
- Use at your convenience for a comfortable fit.

Package Includes :-
1x Adjustable Snap-On Dentures.

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