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Anti-Splash Sink Mat

Anti-Splash Sink Mat

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Anti-Splash Sink Mat

Say no more to icky counter backsplashes and water splatters everywhere using this multi-purpose anti-splash sink mat!

An ultimate silicone sink guard with an upgraded 5° self-draining slope design that catches all gross backsplashes and water drips. Allowing it to effectively keep your sink counter neat and dry as it rapidly clears the collected splatters out straight to the sink.

This saves you from wiping down the sink on a daily basis due to pooling, liquid staining, and annoying water running messily onto countertops. Furthermore, this anti-splash mat offers a non-slip backing which enables it to securely stay in place even with daily exposure to water. Making it an ideal protection when washing hands, cleaning dishes, rinsing food, brushing teeth, facial cleansing, and such. 

This anti-splash sink mat can even serve as an excellent dual-sided sink caddy where you can rest your daily cleaning items at hand. We provide you an organized storage solution for dish detergent, hand soaps, sponges, scouring pads/balls, cups, toothbrushes, and so on.

No worries as the splash guard mat adopts an easy-to-trim opening to give you a more perfect fitting according to your sink size. It even promotes great elasticity and a handy foldable back which enables you to bend the mat to fit the space when the sink area is small. Suitable for kitchen sinks, bathroom, powder room, wash basin, toilet, RVs, and so much more!

Never make a mess to your sink counter area anymore with this universal kitchen anti-splash sink mat!


Perfectly Keeps Sink Dry

A handy device that is specially designed to sit right around the base of your sink faucet to catch all unwanted backsplashes and water drips. It features an upgraded 5° self-draining sloping design that rapidly clears and flows all collected liquid out straight to the sink.

It prevents nasty water pooling, water staining or marking, and from running messily to your countertops. Saving you from the need to wipe tirelessly back and forth to keep your countertops clean and perfectly dry. Great for washing hands, cleaning dishes, rinsing fruits or vegetables, brushing teeth, facial cleansing, and so much more.

Ergonomic Design

This splash guard mat adopts an excellent non-slip backing quality that stays stably and firmly in place even when wet. Moreover, it can also cover an ample amount of counter space without causing you obstruction as you operate through the sink. Allowing you to freely do your everyday tasks and handle other water-related jobs with not a single worry about slips and other possible accidents.

No worries as the sink mat does not contain any harmful edges or surfaces to ensure that it won’t leave any scratches and marks behind your counter.

    Multifunctional Use

    The silicone sink mat does not only drain water out from counters, but it can also serve as a convenient dual-sided sink caddy. Provide you with a space-saving storage solution for your daily sink essentials or supplies to keep them always at hand and organized.

    Perfect as a soap drip tray or for holding liquid hand soaps, sponges, scouring pads/balls, cups, toothbrushes, cleaning items, and more possibilities. The splash guard comes with smart protruded grooves to ensure your items won’t topple or slip off easily.

      Adjustable Fitting

      This anti-splash pad provides a trimmable opening that can be easily cut by scissors to fit more precisely according to the size of your faucet. It can wrap around through most standard faucet diameters up to a maximum of 2.6 inches. What’s more?

      This splash guard has impressive elasticity and a handy back-folding design so you don't have to worry about the distance between the walls and the faucet anymore! Suitable for protecting your kitchen sinks, bathroom, powder room, wash basin, toilet, RVs, and more possibilities. 

        Premium Quality

        Made of high-quality, non-toxic thickened silicone material that boasts an exceptional self-draining, elasticity, and long-lasting durability. It can guarantee you a lifetime of splash protection without damaging, deforming, and molding.

        This universal sink mat can be easily washed with water and soap and it also promotes superior quick-drying capabilities. It ensures that it can fully dry up in no time and prevents any sort of harmful odor and bacterial accumulation.  


          Item Type: Kitchen Mat
          Material: Silicone
          Color: Gray, Light Gray, Beige, Green


            1 x Multi-Purpose Anti-Splash Sink Mat

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