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Anti-Stress squeezy

Anti-Stress squeezy

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When you're wasting time due to stress or boredom, squeeze and pull over and over, especially if you're bored.
Some people need to squeeze things when thinking and brainstorming, so this gadget is great for them.
When you are in a bad mood, pick up the pinch ball and pinch it (play twice, I pinch, I pinch, I pinch again, it's very cool) Get angry and squeeze hard, you can vent all your sullenness in this Oh little toy.
Have grievances? High pressure? Then use pinch music to vent, pinch, pinch, pinch as you like...
Let the unsatisfactory emotions disappear in seconds, pinching the ball, it is very interesting; children, classmates and colleagues pinch each other, make fun, bring happy laughter, please the body and mind, relieve depression, and mobilize the atmosphere at the same time.





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