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Cable Ties 50pcs

Cable Ties 50pcs

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The tape strap uses the principle of tape production. It is a kind of connection between the male and female sides of the auxiliary divider.

One side is a small soft fiber and the other is a harder hair-like thing. It was posted together in a second.

Under a certain pulling force, the elastic hook is straightened, opened from the loop and loosened, and then restored to the original hook shape.

This can be opened and closed repeatedly up to 10,000 times.

Various items are often opened or closed, but traditional hook and loop fasteners can only be fixed to the product by sewing.


Material: nylon fabric.

Size: 15 * 1.2 cm.

Color: blue, yellow, green, red, black (10 per color).

Features: Versatile, reusable and durable.

Package Include:

1 * nylon reusable cord organizer set(include 50pcs).

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