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Car Glass Shield

Car Glass Shield

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The “Blue Bottle” for rainproof (Usually used for the outside of car window glass)
The "Green Bottle" for Anti-fog (Usually use for the inside of the window glass or for the anti-fog of glasses)

Main Features:

Automatic Film Formation: The coating improves visibility at night and in wet weather and improves driver safety. In addition, the anti-fog rainproof agent automatically forms a water-repellent film on the glass surface for crystal clear and perfect visibility.
Wide Range Of Applications: Easy to use at home and car! Treat your car windows and car mirrors with this water-repellent coating, or coat them on bathroom glass, vanity mirrors, glass doors, and more.
Efficient And Durable: Nano coating, rainproof coating two in one. Super-hydrophobic rain-proof agent, clear vision when driving on rainy days, safer, anti-fouling, long-lasting (can last for more than a week).
Safe And Environmentally Friendly: It is odorless, durable, invisible, and superhydrophobic. Very safe for your eyes and skin, Just spray on the desired area, no polishing required, it's quick and easy.
Easy To Carry: The compact and lightweight design are easy to carry, making it an ideal travel backpack companion during your journey, allowing you to have a clearer vision at any time.

Shipping & Delivery

Due to the products liquid most of our fast carriers do not ship this product and as a result delivery for this specific product will take longer then usually but can be tracking online through the tracking number always which you will receive through email.

Estimated delivery time (For this specific product):

(1) About 12 to 35 business days to: Australia, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, UK, USA;
(2) About 15 to 60 business days to: France, Spain, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Ireland, Germany;
(3) About 15 to 65 business days to: all other countries;

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