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Ear Set Wax Removal

Ear Set Wax Removal

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1.【LED light】LED light, cleaning ears more clearly visible, convenient

2. 【Magnifying glass】 You can choose a magnifying glass, 5 times magnifying glass, can quickly take out earwax, and the magnifying glass is clear and wear-resistant

3. 【Not easy to slip off】 The ear spoon can be replaced. The ear spoon and the handle have double buffer ring silicone buckles, which closely fit the spoon head, with strong grip and not easy to slip off.

4. 【Wireless Charging】 The luminous ear spoon is wirelessly charged, bid farewell to the trouble of finding wires, and can be used for about 30 times when fully charged

5. 【USB charging】 Ear tweezers are charged by usb interface, direct charging treasure, computer and other charging methods



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