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Effortless Cooking Pans

Effortless Cooking Pans

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Introducing the Effortless Cooking Pans - the perfect addition to your kitchen!

Uncoated, uncoated, uncoated - we cannot stress this enough! Our pans are made with fine cast iron, and the surface is only sprayed with vegetable oil for anti-rust treatment. There are no chemical coatings, which means no harmful substances will come into contact with your food. As you use the pan, the iron pores absorb grease and provide excellent non-stick results with increased maintenance and use.

Product information:

Applicable stoves: gas stove, induction stove, electric ceramic stove
Material: Fine cast iron (pig iron pot), gas stove and stove, etc.
Specifications: 30/34cm
Suitable for pot lid type: wooden lid glass lid (not included)
Reminder: Improper maintenance will cause rust. If it has been rusted, please use a steel ball to brush off the rust, and repeat the boiling steps to restore it as new.

We take pride in selecting gray pig iron and strictly using export-quality formulas as raw materials. Our manufacturing process involves several manual grinding processes, and we ensure that no harmful chemicals come into contact with our products. The result is high-quality cast iron kitchenware that provides a more natural cooking experience and healthier food.

Upgrade your cooking game with our Effortless Cooking Pans and enjoy delicious meals that are free from harmful chemicals.

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