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Fingerbot Switch

Fingerbot Switch

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Main Features:

1.Smart Bluetooth Fingerbot is designed for transforming your house traditional switches and buttons into smart ones by simple click with the bot button pusher;
2.Extremely simple pairing mode into Tuya Smart Life App with your phone Bluetooth on and 2.4G WiFi connected for this Bluetooth version,no hub required for accessing multiple intelligent functions and features in App.
3.Enjoy an effortless smart lifestyle with this smart Fingerbot;Timer your own schedule for specific devices to turn on/off at a preset time in App;device share to your family members and group control are both available in App with a simple tap
4.Fingerbot is compatible with various buttons and switches.
5.Its modular design allows users to replace Fingerbot's arm with various tool pack options of Fingerbot for extending its capability in various cases. only supports 2.4G network;includes full 2-year warranty.

Note:Bluetooth hub is not required for point-to-point control at home required for wireless remote control when you are not at home Bluetooth hub

Install this Bluetooth fingerbot onto your traditional garage door opener and open it in a preset time when arriving home.

Note: Bluetooth hub required for wireless remote control when you are not at home

Set the Sustain Time for More Flexible and Accurate Control

Timer your schedule for automatic ON/OFF

Note: The Bluetooth hub is a must for timing schedule

Disable the Touch Control in Smart Life APP to Avoid Misoperations by Kids

You can create group in the APP to manage all the Fingerbot Plus in your house and share the device to your family members

Multiple people control one
One person controls more than one

Suits 99% scenarios (Available in all kits)

Modular Design with Various Tool Arms to Fit for More Use Cases

Note: the ToolPack is not included in the package with the Fingerbot Plus you need an another purchase from MOES.

Note: You need a separate purchase of the fingerbot tool packs



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