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Ingrown Toenail Correction

Ingrown Toenail Correction

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You can use this pad to isolate your nail with flesh which can correcting toenail growth and reduce scratch pain with shoes.
Designed with c-shaped slot and ultra thin, which is convenient for you to use and no harm to your foot.
This product is made of plastic material.
The length of the product is 3cm, the width is 2.8cm, the height is 1.5cm.
It is suitable for correcting toenail growth and isolate it from fresh.

Usage Method:
1.Clean the nail groove
2.Insert the isolation pad into the nail groove, as close as possible to the root, and cut off the excess.
3.Put the isolation pad into the nail groove properly and replace it every 2-3 days.

Cover the edge of the nail, and fill the nail seam with flexible silicone material, so that the nail is no longer stuck in the flesh.

Package Includes:
1 Box of Nail Groove Pad (10Pcs)

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