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Levitating Moon Lamp

Levitating Moon Lamp

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With the Levitating Moon Lamp you can add a little bit of magic to any room, instantly. This incredibly realistic moon lamp levitates in the air and emits a beautiful, soft glow!

Amaze your family and friends with a unique gift that's truly out of this world.


  • MAGNETIC LEVITATION- Thanks to the latest in levitation technology, the Moon Lamp levitates in the air at all times and can rotate continuously or stay in a fixed position - it's up to you.
  • 26+ HOURS TO PERFECT - Each Moon Lamp takes 26+ hours to make using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology. Our patented design is made according to NASA satellite images and is an accurate reproduction of the moon's actual surface and craters!
  • WIRELESS CHARGING- The Levitating Moon Lamp uses wireless charging technology, so it can be charged even while levitating! The touch control base below, allows you to turn the LED light inside the Moon Lamp ON/OFF.


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24/7 Silent Rotation

Thanks to latest levitation technology, moon can levitate and spin in air at all times and can continuously rotate to the speed of your liking or stay in one position - You are in Control!


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One Touch Control

Minimalistic design that is one touch away touch away to set your mood. 
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3 Color Variations

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Moon size: 4 x 4 inches
Base size: 5.3 x 1 inches

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