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Lie Detector Test

Lie Detector Test

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  • Lie Detector is a really fun toy to play with your friends, especially for truth party game.
  •  Made of high quality of ABS plastic, sturdy, lightweight, waterproof, non-deforming, durable.
  • This is a an interesting and little frightening liar shocking game, adding fun for your party.
  • You can test someone or friends whether they are telling the truth in the truth-or-shocking game.
  • It has 6 slots for 6 people playing together simultaneously. The LED light will sequentially light up.
  • The virtual current generated by the lie detector does not harm the human body.
  • Best gift for truth game toy. It would be a great warm-up game at a party.
  • With three suction cups under the bottom which can stick on the table, anti slip, making sure not falling off.
  • Powered by three AA batteries which are not included in the package.
  • A lot of drinking games are boring, you put a card down, we put a card down, someone else puts a card down and eventually, some poor soul will have to drink. If these games are too dull for you or you lack the skill to handle a game of beer pong, then why not leave it all completely up to fate. The Lie detector test, is a game that mixes chance and pain. Just like real Russian Roulette, this shocking game brings a risk of danger, except in this case it's an electrical shock and not a death threat. The electric selection is completely random and you can select how many players are playing the game.


  • The instrument doesn't do any harm to the human body, but people with similar diseases such as heart disease, epilepsy, or people with a strong click response, please do not use this instrument.

Package included:

1 x Lucky Electric Finger Game Machine

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