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Lunar Light

Lunar Light

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Introducing the Lunar Light - the perfect addition to any room in your home! This stunning light features a 3D effect of the moon's surface, based on astronomical data from NASA satellite. The color drawing craft adds to the beauty of the ball, making it colorful and gorgeous. When turned on, it creates a stunning galaxy effect, making it seem like you are looking at the real night sky.

The Lunar Light comes with both touch and remote control options, allowing you to switch between 7 colors with just a touch of the metal ring or 16 colors with the remote control. Additionally, you can dim the light with the remote control, and it also supports one color or colorful automatic conversion, making it the perfect customizable light for any room.

Not only is the Lunar Light a beautiful addition to any space, but it also makes for an excellent present. The colorful star sky 3D effect gives people unlimited imagination to the universe or distant galaxies, making it an excellent gift for children, kids, and babies.

Overall, the Lunar Light is a stunning and versatile light that will add a touch of magic to any room in your home. Order yours today and experience the beauty of the night sky in the comfort of your own home!



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