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Multifunctional Car Cup Holder

Multifunctional Car Cup Holder

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A two part design that can hold beverage cans, coffeecups, instant noodles bowls, etc., making better use ofspace.

The bottom of the upper cup holder is equipped with apiece of shockproof foam to prevent it from colliding withthe cup and making abnormal noises. The edge of thebase fixing key is pasted with anti-skid silicone to effectivey prevent the product from falling off. There is also shockproof foam under the base, which can reduce the collisionsound between the product and the original car cupholder.

Made of high-quality ABS plastic, it has a stylish and precise appearance.





Product size:121 x87 x 223mm

Cup holder size:Retractable cup holder diameter 73-150mm;Small cup holder diameter 71mm


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