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New Model MP5 Fully Automatic Electric Water Gun with Built-in Motor,14+

New Model MP5 Fully Automatic Electric Water Gun with Built-in Motor,14+

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Unleash the Summer Water War Frenzy! New MP5 Automatic Water Gun with Built-in Motor, Fully Automatic Firing, Rapid Water Absorption, High Pressure, and Large Capacity Design. Dominate the Water Battlefields!

This Water Gun has 2 shooting modes, manual (one trigger, one shoot) and automatic (continuous ball hold trigger), the semi-automatic effect is very good, the automatic speed is very fast, giving you more real experience, making you feel so cool and happy.

This Water Gun is made of high-quality ABS plastic material to ensure durability and safety. This carefully selected material provides outstanding durability, making it capable of withstanding long hours of outdoor activities. Moreover, we prioritize the safety of our products, and the plastic material we use meets rigorous safety standards, ensuring it is free from harmful substances and suitable for children to use

This Water Gun boasts an impressive shooting range of up to 15 meters, allowing you to easily hit your targets during water battles! What's more, it features a large capacity water tank of 850 milliliters, ensuring you have a steady supply of water throughout the battle. Whether it's a backyard water fight or outdoor adventure, our electric water gun will be your reliable companion, delivering endless fun in water battles!

Easy To Use: water blaster is easy to shoot.  Just fill the drum with clean water, pull the trigger to fire.

Good after-sales service:

Brand New,, if you have any questions, please contact us at Email: will reply to you within 24 hours .

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