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Nut Cracker

Nut Cracker

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1.Quality premium: the nutcracker is composed of a handle of aluminium alloy silver of high quality and a bowl of black-coated, polished which ensures that it is safe and non-slip. It's lightweight, durable and practical.

2.Ergonomic design: curved handle, convenient grip; the design of bite of teeth of a saw, nuts are easy to open; design and thick and broad, impact resistance, not deformed easily; large-mouth and small base, suitable for different sizes of nuts and prevents the fruit and the shells splash.

3.Easy to use: simply place your nuts, or other nuts in the groove black, is incredibly solid, fits perfectly in the hand, grabs the handle and the slot according to the hardness of the shells

4.Wide application and easy to clean: product size: the diameter of the mouth of the mayecueces is 5.4cm, the diameter of the base is 2.5cm, it is suitable for open cracks of devices, pecans, hazelnuts, almonds, walnut, Brazil nuts. It is detachable, convenient to clean and store.

5.It is a perfect accessory to open nuts, and also a good gift to your family or friends who love nuts. Suitable for girls, women, men, children, and adolescents. If you have any problem, please contact with us, we are committed to provide quality products and services.

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