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Oil Brush Dispenser

Oil Brush Dispenser

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1. Novel design: The design of silicone drip filter and silicone brush can bring you a lot of cooking convenience. The ordinary oil brush cannot control the oil outlet, and the oil will be poured too much at once, or drip everywhere. The glass oil jar with scale and lid allows you to pour and apply oil accurately.

2. Easy to use: gently squeeze the drip filter and inhale the liquid. Then slowly release it in the pan and bake or spray evenly on the food. You can also brush the oil evenly to avoid wasting oil. It is an indispensable kitchen necessity for those who love to cook!

3. Easy to clean: The biggest advantage of our silicone oil control brush & bottle is that it can control the amount of oil, not the amount of oil at one time, and it will not drip anywhere. Each kit and small tools can be disassembled, and then clean the stand with clean water.

4. Applicable scenarios: milk, Chinese rapeseed or vegetable oil, soybeans, rapeseed, lime juice, maple syrup, Japanese miso, can be poured into empty bottles. Peanut or hot sauce, teppanyaki in the kitchen, liquid chocolate, butter, ketchup, candy, eggs, popcorn, mushroom sauce, syrup, lemon or orange or coconut oil. The brush is simple to use.

5. Extremely safe materials: made of food-grade transparent glass and silicone materials, you can easily check the remaining amount of sauce or oil. Silicone brushes have heat resistance up to 250°C and are safe for extremely hot food. Large bottle mouth, easy to pour oil. Non-slip brush head, easy to press, fast oil in and quantitative oil out, avoiding waste.


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