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Plant Supports Flower Stand

Plant Supports Flower Stand

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These small plants supports are made of good quality material, which is not easy to bend, strong, weather-resistant, rust-proof, not easy to fade, durable and reusable, better than wood, and can support and protect stem plants.

The plant support lines are beautiful, smooth and clean. The dark green appearance helps to blend into the stem plant, is almost invisible and very natural. With the support ring, each stem plant will remain straight and individual, elegant and beautiful.

Single stem pile support and plant lock can effectively support the healthy growth of stem plants, prevent stem bending and tangling, and protect tall and fragile stem plants from strong wind, heavy rain or their own heavy blows to bloom.

Slotted design is used to put stem plants without harming the plants. The inside diameter is large enough to accommodate most small single-stem plants, which can protect them well without causing growth restrictions.

Suitable for most single-stem flowers and plants, such as roses,phalaenopsis,succulent, orchids, sunflowers, zinnias, peony, lilies,young trees, etc.


Name: Stem plants supporter

Material: Fiberglass

Length: 17/27/37cm

Slotting diameter: 15mm

Colour: Green

Purpose: Support flowers and plants to prevent crooked/inverted/tilted



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