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Projector Reflective Screen

Projector Reflective Screen

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1:The Product Shipping Method is Folded Put in The Small Carton. So the Product Will Have Creases (Please Iron With a Garment Iron at Low Temperature to Reduce Creases).

2: The Viewing Position is Located Directly Behind the Projector, and the Brightness of the Projection Screen is the Best.

3:The Viewing Angle is Greater Than 15 Degrees Directly Behind The Projector, Resulting in Reduced Image Brightness and Clarity. Those Who Mind Should Purchase With Caution

4:Short-throw Projectors and laser Projectors are not Supported.(The isplay effect of the ceiling projector is the same as that of the white wall, because of the viewing angle!)

Screen material: PET cloth + light-resistant coating

Fabric Color: Front: Dark Grey

Moisture proof: yes

Fabric characteristics: ambient light suppression


Product advantages:

1. Simple curtain, easy to use and easy to carry

2. Anti-light screen viewing angle, 30° viewing effect

3. The screen can be projected on both sides. The front is a light-proof projection screen, which can effectively improve the  viewing effect. The back is an ordinary projection screen. The effect is similar to a white wall.Projector, the gospel of low-lumen projectors (pay attention to how you use it)

4. Foldable storage, crease does not affect viewing




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