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Rubber Band Gun

Rubber Band Gun

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Different from other wooden Rubber Band Gun, rubber gun is all-metal structure, Foldable and portable. with Keychain for easy hanging on the belt. Whether your foe is a line of aluminum cans or a platoon of plastic army men, the Rubber Band Pistol will neutralize the threat up to 15-20 feet away. It comes with 100+ rubber bands.
The semi-automatic design allows for precision shooting as well as the rapid-firing of all six rubber band "bullets". Great educational toy for kids. A creative toy full of fun. It will give your kid or friend unforgettable memory on special days.
Warm note: due to its certain impact force, please do not aim at the eyes of people or animals or any fragile objects to avoid unnecessary accidents.
This is a very fun mini rubber band gun. It can be used as a keychain. You can think of it as a child's toy.

The unique mechanical structure is simple and reliable, and the clacking sound of the gears on the upper ribs will fascinate you.

Package Included: 
1  gun
100 rubber bands

Product Size: 

Expand  : 
70 x 42x 18mm

Folding : 
90 x 83 x 18mm
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