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Sparkling Scrub

Sparkling Scrub

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Introducing the Sparkling Scrub, the magical exfoliating sponge that will leave your skin and kitchenware sparkling clean!

Specifications :

Pattern: Printing
Specifications: cartoon/animal/fruit
Function: Exfoliating/Dead Skin Removing
Material: wood pulp fiber
Applicable object: body/pot/bowl/bath
The size is shown in the photo

A light and handy piece, thought to be a cute little animal card in the hand, in fact, it is wood pulp cotton that has not
yet absorbed water.
Wood pulp cotton is very special. It shrinks and becomes dry and hard when it is dehydrated. It swells quickly after
absorbing water and becomes soft and elastic. The expanded wood pulp cotton has a lot of honeycomb-shaped holes,
which are easy to foam. Add a little detergent and rub it gently and there will be a rich foam, and then it will not stick to
the oil. Once washed with water, the oil will be separated, so it is very suitable for use. Let's make dishwashing cotton.
Wood pulp cotton itself is made of wood fiber, which does not hurt hands or skin. It is not only used for washing dishes,
but also very comfortable to make bath cotton.
A lanyard is designed, which can be hung and stored to dry, which is more intimate.

Get your hands on the Sparkling Scrub TODAY and experience the magic of a truly clean and exfoliated body and home!



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