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Water Glockie

Water Glockie

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 Unleash a watery adventure with the Water Glockie! It's the ultimate summer companion for endless fun in the sun.

Introducing the most powerful electric water gun on the market. With its high-capacity battery and motor, the WaterGun™ delivers continuous streams of water up to an impressive 30 feet away.
Say goodbye to slow streams of water and
hello to a rapid-fire, continuous blast of water.
You'll have your opponents soaked in no time
and be the ultimate champion of every water fight.
 Simply fill up the water tank, tum on the motor,
and start blasting! Its durable construction
ensures it can withstand the toughest water

Designed with thrill-seekers in mind, this water toy is perfect for anyone  who loves to have fun in the sun.

Get ready to cool off this hot summer with the Glock water gun! Its powerful spray and accuracy will boost everyone's confidence during pool games. Say goodbye to manual pumping, this electric water gun uses a high-speed motor for maximum performance. Don't miss out on this must-have addition to your pool party!
NEW AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC WATER GUN:Water gun is made of high quality ABS material,Fully complies with American toy quality standards.Water gun has a super long range of 26-32 feet.
The one-button shooting mode of this automatic electric water gun completely solves the trouble of manual pressing, and it can accurately hit the target every time the trigger is pulled.Wouldn't it be great to bring the children to a cool and surging water gun battle? It's fun and refreshing!
This water guns for adults features two spray modes: a single short-range burst with a quick trigger pull and a continuous long-range spray with a longer trigger hold. Its range spans from 26-35 feet. Your targets won't stand a chance!
This water gun electric has a drum tank and normal tank can hold up to 550cc+60cc of water and is easily refillable by opening the lid. The sufficient capacity allows you to counterattack quickly in fierce battles!
The handle of Glock water gun is non-slip design, with small size and large capacity, which can be easily operated by both adults and children. The compact electric water gun design is an ideal gift for children, and it is more suitable for entertainment and parties with friends, family, seaside, beach, swimming pool, etc. interactive. 
The powerful water gun comes with a rechargeable battery and USB charger.Enjoy up to 60 minutes of continuous playtime during beach, pool, or backyard summer water parties with your friends and family.undefined
Made with the highest plastic manufacturing standards and ABS materials, this automatic water gun has been safety and durability tested to meet US toy quality standards. It's a step up from traditional water guns and will be the most exciting summer water toy for you and your children!undefined


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