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Wireless Transparent Mouse

Wireless Transparent Mouse

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Selling Point:

1: 2.4G+BT1+BT2 wireless the third mock examination, with high-end PixArt 3212 IC design, office games do not get stuck.

2: The appearance of the fully transparent mouse design is beautiful and fashionable, with a variety of colors to choose from.

3: Four speed 2400DPI adjustable, with a handy 125Hz response speed.

4: Mute switch, with a lifespan of 5 million times, suitable for men and women's office games without disturbing people.

5: Built in 400 milliampere rechargeable lithium battery, Type-C charging interface, with functions such as battery display light, energy-saving mode, and low battery prompt.

6: It can connect three computers and mobile tablet devices at the same time, and use the bottom mode switch to switch and use with one click. With the one click desktop function, you can quickly return to the desktop with one click, making it convenient and fast.

Product Parameters:

IC: Pix Art 3212

Working mode: 2.4G+BT1+BT2

Rate of return: 125HZ

Moving speed: 30inch/s

Refresh rate: 4800 frames/second

Acceleration: 10G

Number of switches: 5 Keys (Mute Design)

Switch life: 10 million times

Product material: PC+ABS+Metal Roller


Battery capacity: 400mAH

Working range: 10m

Length of charging line: 30cm (Type-c charging line)

DPI: 800/1200/1600/2400 Adjustable(Default 1600dpi)

DPl light mode:Red(800)/Green(1200)/Blue(1600)/Purple(2400)DPI

Light mode:Colorful breathing light effect

Support: One click desktop (quick return to desktop)

Product size: 11.3x5.7x2.5cm

Product weight: 76.2g

Package size: 11.6x7.7x3cm

Package weight: 113g

Package includes:

1 x Wireless Mouse(2.4G+BT5.1+BT5.1)

1 x USB Receiver

1 x Charging cable(30cm Type-c)

1 x Instructions in English

Suitable system:

The 2.4G usb version support Windows /Mac ,

The Bluetooth version support Windows /Mac /ios / android.


Please refer to the user manual for detailed instructions on how to use it.

Light effect:

1. The normal mode of the mouse is LOGO light, colorful breathing

2. Charging prompt: when charging, the logo light green light breathing prompt. The fully charged logo light is always green, indicating that it is on.

3. Low voltage prompt: When the mouse is about to run out of power, the last grid of the battery light flashes an alarm prompt.

4. DPI gear prompt: LOGO light flashing (red flashing dpi for first gear 800; green flashing dpi for second gear 1200; blue flashing dpi for third gear 1600; purple flashing dpi for fourth gear 2400)

5. Code checking prompt: When the mouse is not yet connected to the device, (1) the green light flashing at the bottom of the back of the mouse (2.4G mode), (2) the blue light flashing at the bottom of the back of the mouse (BT1 mode), (3) the blue light flashing at the bottom of the back of the mouse (BT2 mode).

Instructions and precautions:

1. When the mouse cursor moves slowly, please check whether the battery is low. It is recommended to charge it in time.

2. When the mouse cannot be connected, please check whether the power switch at the bottom of the mouse is turned on, and select the correct connection method or move the USB receiver to another USB port for use.

3. If you do not use the mouse for a long time, turn off the power switch manually to save power.

4. If the mouse is not used for a long time, it will automatically enter the sleep mode. Move the mouse or press any key to wake the mouse.


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